Saturday, April 28, 2012

Field Trips and Summer Linky Party

We had a great time on our field trip to the Zoo. Here are a few photos of what we found on our scavenger hunt!

Our fabulous librarian helped us set up a trip to see a puppet show held at our Main Library Downtown.  The tale, Stonecutter, ties into our quarterly theme of Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, and Nursery Rhymes. Stonecutter is a Japanese Folk Tale similar to the Fisherman and His Wife story. The children's area of our library is so whimsical and inviting, it also has some amazing artwork in the theater area. It's one of my favorite places to visit.

Since my grade level had scheduled six field trips in one month I found myself wishing I had a checklist to make sure I have everything I need to bring along.  Anything to help simplify the process makes life so much easier when you are going on a field trip. Here is a Field Trip Checklist I made to make preparing the day before and the day of a field trip go a bit smoother.

...and finally...

Lory at Fun for First is hosting a Summer Project/Summer Fun Linky Party.  I've been meaning to start writing down what I need to get accomplished this summer but have yet to take the time to sit down to do that.  Between the things I NEED to get done and the things I would like to get done (Ex: Pinterest ideas for the classroom) I will be a busy little teacher this summer!

Summer Projects
1. Add labels to my new classroom library books.
2. Clean out my house and send things to Goodwill.
3. Complete PINTEREST inspired decor crafts/projects I want to use in my classroom this coming school year. This could also be seen as fun :o) 

Summer FUN! 
1. Plan a quick road trip getaway!
2. Head back to my hometown for a bit to visit my family and my best friend since middle school.
3. RELAX, sleep in, go shopping at our newly redone outlet mall, and head to the local water park!


  1. I haven't been there to see the new Flamingo exhibit...we had it planned, but then it was postponed after THE FLOOD....
    Looks like a lot of fun- thank you for the checklist!

    Going Nutty!

    1. Staci, I hope you guys can plan a trip to the zoo again soon! I saw some kiddos from your county getting off the bus the day we were there.

  2. I love your pictures. Makes me miss teaching in Nashville. I think my sister and niece were at the zoo the same day you guys were. Love the checklist.
    Ms. Kerri and her Krazy Kindergarten

    1. Thanks Keri, I knew I needed to make a checklist for future field trips after I forgot my hat and sunglasses for the Zoo trip!!! It was warm that day for sure!

  3. Is that the Nashville Zoo? Our kinders took a field trip there last year... I really wish we had gone again this year. We had a super fun time!

    1. It is! We had a great time. Hopefully you guys can make a trip next year :-)

  4. We go to the zoo every year too. Thanks for the checklist.

    Yearn to Learn Blog