Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July Currently

July is one of my favorite months because it is my birthday month, but also one of my least favorites because it is always SOOO HOT! As you all have heard the weather has been SCORCHING all over the country! I am from the south so I am accustomed to summer heat, but 100+ on a daily basis is not normal for me. Here are some of the things that have been on my mind so far this month...other than trying not to melt! Haha!

I am just itching to post some pictures of my new school, but have decided until it's a little closer to move in day to do so. I've been visiting the construction site every week to check up on the progress...and of course take pictures. My principal said the building should be ready for us to move into in a couple of weeks.  Most likely I'll be setting up my room on my birthday. Haven't decided if that is a good or bad thing yet! Check back soon to see the weekly pictures I've been taking of my new home *ahem* school. Until then Happy 4th of July Y'all!


  1. Found your site through Farley's site. I am loving her Rule of Three. Great site!


  2. Hey! I feel like I met you back in April.... but I'm not positive! TN Blogger Meet-Up? Anyways... I too have soo many favorite read-a-loud books that it isn't funny! I'm glad I got to check out your blog again, thanks to Farley's Currently link up! I hope you will come check out my blog.

    1. We did meet in April at the Blogger Meet-Up! It's good to hear from you! Enjoy the rest of your summer!

  3. A new school. That's so exciting. When I taught at AZ Kelley, we weren't cleared for kids until like 6:30 AM the first day of school. It was crazy but so fun. Being in a brand new school really brings the staff together. Where is your new school?
    Ms. Kerri and her Krazy Kindergarten

  4. Caaaute Blog! Found ya through Farley! Congrats on the new school!

  5. You have a cute blog. We are awarding you the One Lovely Blog award. Stop by our blog to receive it. :)

    Antoinette and Emily

  6. Thanks for your sweet comments :-) I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!