Saturday, March 12, 2011

Blogger Love

My first blog entry...check! It all started Dr. Seuss week. I was looking for some craft ideas for my class to work on throughout the week to go along with a few Seuss books I planned to read.  Google popped up an idea from Fun in First Grade (did the craft with my students later that week) and I was hooked. There were so many fabulous ideas and links to other blogs that also had fab ideas! 

I'm SO glad I found this limitless world of teacher's blogs!  I have spent WAY more time than I would like to admit trying to come up with centers, lessons, activities, and ideas on ways to teach different skills to my little first graders. Blogging is kind of like having a whole bunch of mentor teachers helping me out whenever I need them :-) I know I won't have gobs of time to dedicate to my own blog since I AM a first year teacher, but I wanted to start one so I could comment on other blogs, share a few first year teacher moments, and share my class' version of the ideas I've found. Maybe NEXT school year I can get a little deeper into maintaining my own blog!

Live Life, Love Teaching

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